If I am in between sizes, which size should I choose? Example: I am 5’7” and weigh 190.

We recommend choosing the suit sizing closest to your weight bracket.


My suit (Karting or Automotive) is dirty, how do I clean it?

Smart Racegear recommends dry cleaning your suit. If you MUST clean it yourself, we recommend the following:


  • Ensure the suit is closed. (Zipper Up and Belt Closed)
  • Use Cold Water (Do not wash with other garments)
  • Light Detergent
  • Ensure Washer is set to Low Spin/Delicate Setting
  • Hanging is the preferred method. You can tumble dry on the low spin if needed.


What is the difference between a karting suit and an automotive suit?

Karting suits are abrasive resistant. They are designed to provide protection in the event that the driver is ejected from their kart. An automotive suit is designed to provide protect the driver in the event of a fire. We do not recommend the use of a karting suit for automotive racing nor an automotive suit for kart racing. 


Where do I find your measurement chart?

Links for SIZE CHARTS are on the specific product pages.


Can I purchase a discontinued suit? Is it considered custom?

Smart Racegear allows the purchase of a discontinued suit. The suit must be purchased at its original retail value and consist of standard sizing. Custom sizing would be considered a full custom suit.


I like a standard suit, but I don’t fit within your standard sizing. Can I buy a standard suite with custom sizing?

Smart Racegear can custom fit a suit for you. Pricing would be considered pricing of a fully customized suit.


How long does a custom suit generally take to make?

K1RaceGear estimates a 4-6 week turnaround time


What is your return/exchange policy? 


Smart Racegear will be happy to exchange your item if you are not satisfied with it or you need a different size. All items must be returned Smart Racegear will give you the opportunity to exchange your item if it does not live up to expectations, or for a different size. All items must be returned in their original packaging and unused condition with no signs of wear on them within 30 days from the delivery date at the full cost of shipping both ways (both going out as well as coming back). We cannot refund any incurred fees but happily pay return transit costs.

Learn more at https://smartracegear.com/return-policy/





What is the difference between a Level 1 Suit and Level 2 Suits?

Level 1 suits are made with a Polyester Cordura fabric as the outer layer. A level 2 suit is made of Nylon Cordua fabric. Due to the Nylon Cordura fabric, the Level 2 suit is much strong and will provide better protection than a Level 1 suit.





Are your auto racing gloves SFI certified?
Yes, our automotive racing gloves are 3.3/5 SFI certified.


Are your Automotive SFI 3.2a/5 Suits 2 layers?
Our standard automotive suits do consist of 2 layers. Additional layers can be added for $100 per layer.



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